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Понеделник, 23 ноември г. on animal welfare to steer this trend and to further explore markets demanding ethical production. Now, you could say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and I might take that attitude. Г-н Председател, гласувах против този доклад, защото в мен и в част от De rommel uit het verleden opruimen is nobel, maar natuurlijk moeten we er Also, financial incentives are an important way to steer the policies. berechnet, betrГgt nicht selten groГzГgige Prozent Kunden auf ein Online Г¶phillipgoodhand-tait.com Deutsche Гbersetzt.

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Lecture Notes in Statistics. New York: Springer-Verlag. Ngoasong M. Tourism Management, 52, Rozanova L. Finance and Credit, 30 , in Russian.

Semin R. Digest Finance, 13 , in Russian. Shahnazaryan G. Finance and Credit, 12 , in Russian. Sklar A. Fonctions de r? Publications de l'Institut de Statistique de L'Universit?

Tucker M. Woolcock M. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 58 1 , Assaul V. Barsuk for creating the conditions for the necessary calculations performing, A.

Popova for help in design, as well as R. Musatenko for the idea of an environmental approach. Three ways of solving the transport problem are considered, in which, in addition to the transportation fee of each unit of cargo, a fixed fee for the use of a particular route by each carrier is additionally charged regardless of the amount of cargo carried on it.

That means it is recalculated taking into account the additions to the initial costs of transportation the "penal additives", reduced to a unit of cargo transported along the corresponding route at the previous iteration.

Estimates are made of the conditions under which the task necessarily requires accounting for additional payments on the routes.

Since the very formulation of the problem did not have a single term for it, taking into account current conditions, the term "transport problem with ecological criterion" was proposed.

Keywords: objective function, transportation cost, optimal plan, corrective cycle. Fixed Cost Transportation Problem. Naval Res. Quart, 8, 1, Birman I.

Optimal Programming. Moscow: Ekonomika in Russian. Frolkis V. Introduction to the Theory and Optimization Methods for Economists. On the Movement of Masses.

Korbut A. Discrete Programming. Polyak R. On one Inhomogeneous Transport Problem. Novosibirsk: Nauka, in Russian. Sedova S.

Economy and Mathematical Methods, 35, 3, in Russian. Method of Nodal Vectors of Integer Programming.

Problems of a Special Look. Sigal I. Moscow: Fizmatlit, in Russian. Tui H. Concave Programming with Linear Constraints. Aivazian S.

This paper aims at description of prospects of the Russian economy in the middle-term scenario, when changes of the drivers of the economic growth are possible.

How and due to which factors the Russian economy will go out the world economic crisis of , what is the role of the economic policy in this situation?

In this paper we consider a macroeconomic model created upon the main ideas of the structural modeling, which enables us to describe the main trajectories of economic development in different scenarios.

In its essence this model disaggregates the sphere of the real production of the Russian economy into the following sectors: E.

Interactions between these sectors are reflected of the final form of the model: the system of two first difference equations describes dynamics of the output in E.

Since the dynamics of output in the N. With account of conjuncture factors revealed by theoretical analysis, we create the macroeconometric model, which gives estimates of price indicators and production indices in the main branches of the real sector.

The novelty of the proposed approach to applied macroeconomic modeling of the Russian economy, thus, consists in taking into account the inner structure of the Russian economy, on the one hand, and the specific methodology of modeling for description of nonstationary transitional dynamics of the real data, on the other.

In this manner, we arrive at the stage of econometric modeling, where the method of cointegration analysis of Engle-Granger is used. Keywords: economy of Russia; structural modeling; disaggregated macromodel, applied econometric analysis.

Macroeconomic Modeling of the Russian Economy. Applied Econometrics, 47, Applied Statistics. Study of Relationships. Colander D.

Toward an Empirically Based Macroeconomics. American Economic Review. Papers and Proceedings, 98 2 , Testimony Presented to U.

Serial No. Cooley T. Calibrated Models. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 13 3 , Davidson R. Estimation and Inference in Econometrics.

New York: Oxford University Press. Edge R. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall Engle R. Econometrica, 55, Estimating How the Macroeconomy Works.

The Open Access Journal, , Fernandez-Villaverde J. Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 1, Granger C.

Spurious Regressions in Econometrics. Journal of Econometrics, 35, Heim J. London: Palgrave-MacMillan. Klein L. Principles of macroeconometric modeling.

Advanced textbooks in economics, The Wharton Econometric Forecasting Model. Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.

Mankiw N. The Macroeconomist as Scientist and Engineer. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20 4 , Paccagnini A.

European University. Sims C. Money, Income, and Causality. The American Economic Review, 62 4 , Macroeconomics and Reality.

Welfe W. Macroeconometric models. Advanced studies in theoretical and applied econometrics, Svetlov K. Herding behaviour on stock market: analysis and forecasting Economics and mathematical methods , , 55 2 , This study was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research project a "Consumer choice and herding behaviour in microeconomics: from analytical description towards realistic agent-based models".

The author is grateful to the project manager - dr. Kovalevsky for helpful comments. We study the Alfarano model, which describes the dynamics of the stock price under the influence of the herding behavior of market participants.

Within the framework of this model, two types of economic agents are distinguished: investors and noise traders.

It is assumed that among traders there are optimistic traders expecting price value to rise and pessimistic traders expecting it to decline.

The stochastic nature of the price in this model is formed by the changes of noise traders expectations. Solow R. July Welfe W. Advanced studies in theoretical and applied econometrics.

Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time. Berlin: Springer Berlin Heidelberg. New York: Dover Publications Inc.

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Mantel R. Sernovitz A. Austin: Greenleaf Book Group Press, Van Herper E. Aloui Ch. Armstrong M. Belleflamme P. Industrial Organization.

Markets and Strategies. Bhargava H. Gabszewicz J. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Platform Competition and Vertical Differentiation.

Universit Catholique de Louvain. Center for Operations Research and Econometrics. Hagiu A. Keywords: standard month reference calendar of Medler-Mendeleev-Morozov; singular point of time "January 1, I About One New Calendar System.

Economics and Mathematical Methods, 49, 4, in Russian. Mendeleeva kak glavnye sredstva v strategii industrializatsii cosmosa I sozdaniya cosmicheskogo obshchestva].

Moscow: Vash Format in Russian. The Mendeleevsky Standard Calendar of Russia for Sukhova S. Economist objyasnil Svetlane Sukhovoj, kakoj kalendarj nuzhen sovremennomu chelovechestvu?

Ogonek, 49 , in Russian. Akhmadeev B. The article describes a step-by-step mechanism of creating the economic project evaluation system based on the combination of computer and linear optimization methods in Wolfram Mathematica.

The proposed model is an update of the Kantorovich's optimal planning model where a new product relevant for the market economy is added, and in our mechanism, it is money.

Another innovative feature of the model is an option to calculate the optimization problem for any number of periods.

An optimization method for public investments into projects proposed; it is based on the automatic analysis of "shadow prices" of the linear programming dual problem.

A range of experiments are carried, which by means of the graphics illustrate, how various optimization criteria may influence the solution and what consequences they may have in various aspects of the concerned economic environment.

For example, if the goal of the regional administration is to increase the financial well-being of the population, then the wage vector is maximized.

If the goal of the regional authorities is to increase the profit of any industry or enterprise, then the corresponding vector is maximized.

There are many purposes, so the optimization criterion can be combined with different weights corresponding to the tasks facing management.

The developed system may be included in the network of situation centers to optimize management solutions at the level of major industrial enterprises, regions or the whole of the country.

Keywords: project optimization, project evaluation, linear programming, project economy, long-term planning, Wolfram Mathematica. Journal of Security and Sustainability, 5 2 , Arrow K.

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In: Colander D. New York: Cambridge University Press. Moscow: Economics in Russian. Moiseev N. Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, May.

Raberto M. Agent-based simulation of a financial market. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, , 1 , Ramsey F.

On a Problem in Formal Logic. London Math. Shapiro C. Equilibrium Unemployment as a Discipline Device. American Economic Review, 74 3 , Tassier T.

Tobin J. Skrypnik D. Budget policy and economic growth in Russia. Optimal budget rule Economics and mathematical methods , , 55 2 , Economics V.

Polterovich, to whom the author is much grateful for fruitful discussions and participation. Author expresses his gratitude to Doct.

Economics M. Yu, Golovnin for the valuable comments, as well as to an anonymous Reviewer, whose comments helped toe author to improve the article.

All the responsibility for possible mistakes and errors is of the author's. The article shows that actual public expenditure in the period of rapid oil prices growth of the s was less than the optimal level in Russia.

The macroeconomic model of Russian economy is the basis of current research. The main mechanism of growth in an optimum scenario is associated with the scaling effect of public expenditure, which increases production possibilities of an economy.

Adequate monetary policy allows preventing unwinding of the inflation spiral and runs the growth spiral.

Non-optimality of fiscal policy is a consequence of budget rule mechanism features, which do not take into account the influence of government expenditures on economic growth.

The fiscal rule that implements the "closed loop" control and allows constructing the optimal economic policies for developing countries can become a basis for the system of growth management that combines universal and program planning.

The key principle of optimal budget rule must be "t? Keywords: optimal control, macroeconomic model, fiscal rule.

National Bureau of Economic Research. Collier P. Oxford: Oxford University. Managing Resource Revenues in Developing Economies.

IMF Staff Papers, 57 1 , Fair R. Specification, Estimation, and Analysis of Macroeconometric Models. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

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Repina E. The hypothesis about the change of dependence structure between the level of the small business SB development and security of the regional microfinance institutions MFIs in connection with the state regulation of MFI activities in is advanced.

The level of small business development and microfinance security of Russian regions are described by the number of small business enterprises and the number of registered MFIs per 1, people population of the region.

The dependence structure is modeled using the copula-function method. The selection of a suitable copula is based on minimizing the AIC information criterion.

The probabilistic structure of the dependency between the MFIs security and the SB level in the period has transformed from independence copula in to Frank's copula in and Clayton's copula in It is concluded that the transformations of the probabilistic structure of the studied dependence in are explained to the long-time effect because of the state regulation measures of the MFI sphere in The novelty of the work lies in assessing the impact of state regulation measures in the field of MFIs on the level of small business development in the regions based on the copula-function method.

Keywords: microfinance organizations, small business, copula-function method, independent copula, Archimedean copulas, maximal likelihood method, tail dependencies, AIC information criterion, Cramer-von Mises statistics.

Asian Economic and Financial Review, 2, Balakrishnan N. Continuous Bivariate Distributions. Baydas M. Journal of Development Studies, 31 2 , Market Assessment for Housing Microfinance.

In: Daphis F. Bloomfield: Kumarian Press. Belousov A. Finances and Credit, 26 , in Russian. Bouye E. Finance, 23 2 , Breymann W.

Quantitative Finance, 3, Burdun G. Basics of Metrology. Moscow: Publishing House of Standards in Russian. Collins D. Dichter T. What's Wrong with Microfinance?

Warwickshire: Practical Action Publishing. Fantazini D. Applied econometrics, 4 24 , in Russian. Applied econometrics, 2 22 , in Russian.

Applied econometrics, 3 23 , in Russian. Genest C. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 44 2 , Guerin I. The Crises of Microcredit. New York: Zed Books.

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The World Bank Economic Review, 19, Kovaleva E. Economic science, 74, in Russian. Ledgerwood J. Washington: World Bank. Lemeshko B.

Factory Laboratory. Diagnostics of Materials, 69, in Russian. New 11, Items 11, Used Items Not Specified Items Please provide a valid price range.

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He was replaced by Ian Smith, whom the director described as "experienced and efficient". It reportedly took two weeks to replace the crew workers.

In The Friedkin Connection he added that "almost half the crew went into the hospital or had to be sent home. The sound design crew included Jean-Louis Ducarme, with whom Friedkin had worked on The Exorcist and of whom he thought very highly.

The sound crew employed distorted samples of tiger and cougar roars for the truck engines' sound. Schexnayder noted that such a technical exercise was "relatively unique for the period"; but, over the years, techniques such as these became a staple of film-making.

In the bottomless silence. Without warning A curtain slowly ascends revealing A midnight dawn. A whisper of chill wind And white sun eclipsed by pale yellow moon.

Rumor of distant thunder trembles along the edge of a galaxy Cascading down infinite corridors of burning mirrors reflecting and rereflecting momentous oceans of stampeding wild horses.

Glass shatters, shrieks and spins away becoming clusters of starfall that scatter from hidden places. Relentless like a recurring nightmare.

Centaurs throb within the blood crossing arteries of storming cavalries that crash though the top of your head Recycle and recur Again and again Reminding of white suns eclipsing oceans of stars shrieking through the midnight dawn.

Sorcerer soundtrack back cover [72]. Sorcerer marked the first Hollywood film score for the German krautrock and electronic band Tangerine Dream.

William Friedkin, during his visit in Germany, attended their concert in a derelict church in the Black Forest. The band seemed to him "on the cutting edge of the electronic synthesizer sound" that soon would become a staple in mainstream culture.

He assessed their music as a mixture of classical music played on synthesizers and "the new pop sound", and described the experience as "mesmerizing".

However, upon learning Friedkin intended to reimagine Wages of Fear , Froese called Friedkin back and asked for video material to be worked on, [73] but Friedkin suggested the band create the score based solely on their impressions of the script, without seeing a single minute of video footage.

Friedkin, an admirer of the band, stated in the liner notes for the soundtrack that "[h]ad [he] heard them sooner [he] would have asked them to score [ The Exorcist ]", and that he considers the film and the score to be "inseparable".

When our trailer [for Sorcerer ] faded to black, the curtains closed and opened again, and they kept opening and opening, and you started feeling this huge thing coming over your shoulder overwhelming you, and heard this noise, and you went right off into space.

It made our film look like this little, amateurish piece of crap. I told Billy [Friedkin], 'We're freaking being blown off the screen.

You gotta go see this. Friedkin's fears were correct; when Sorcerer debuted at the theater, it was so unsuccessful by comparison that Star Wars quickly returned.

Several critics theorized that another probable factor in the film's box office failure was the confusion related to its title. Cyriaque Lamar of Cracked.

To him the title might have indicated a certain likeness to The Exorcist and thought the audiences at the time were either bored with yet another film about exorcisms or that was precisely what they wanted and upon seeing the movie, they got confused, asking themselves "where's the devil?

Furthermore, the opening sixteen minutes contain no English language, which made the audiences think that it was a foreign subtitled film, [84] and caused walk-outs.

After the film's poor reception, its financial disaster prompted Universal executives to void their contract with Friedkin immediately.

Sorcerer was not received as well by the public or film critics as Friedkin's previous two films had been. American movie reviewer D. Holm hinted that all criticisms might have stemmed from the very fact that Friedkin even dared to reimagine a French classic.

In Leonard Maltin 's annual "TV Movies" ratings book, the film receives only two-and-a-half out of four stars, with the critique, "Expensive remake of The Wages of Fear never really catches hold despite a few astounding scenes.

The result is dire. Cumbow in the September issue of Movietone News also panned the film, criticizing camera placement as "faulty", which in his opinion led to substandard exposition.

Moreover, he also deemed the film's editing "ridiculous" and thought Sorcerer lacked character involvement.

He concluded the review by saying that with "films like this, feeling is everything. Gene Siskel claimed that the characters "seem to be a little cold", as well as expressing an opinion that the special effects overpowered the protagonists.

John Simon wrote of how Friedkin 'spent twenty-one million dollars to perpetuate a film that could be usefully studied in courses on how not to make movies'.

James Monaco praised the cinematography and assorted craftsmanship, and stated that "Friedkin has a commitment to this story," but concluded that "somehow technique overwhelms meaning and emotion.

David Badder, in Monthly Film Bulletin , was of the opinion that even if the film had been truncated, it would not improve its quality. He described Sorcerer as "remarkably lacklustre", and did not appreciate the unstable tone of the movie which he called "impenetrably obscure".

Additionally, he considered Scheider's role to be severely underdeveloped and "consist[ing] of meaningful stares off camera and mournful grimaces.

Ebert, in a November episode of Sneak Previews with Gene Siskel , called the film an "overlooked classic", and was shocked that the film "was so completely overlooked" despite starring Academy Award nominee Roy Scheider and being directed by William Friedkin, an Oscar winner.

Furthermore, he stated the movie had "lots of fun" and praised the suspension bridge scene in particular, saying it "is maybe the most astonishing scene of the whole film.

It's a combination of desperation, suspense and great special effects as Roy Scheider and his partners try to maneuver a giant truck filled with nitrogliceryne through the heart of this jungle across a suspension bridge.

Canby called Sorcerer "a good little melodrama surrounded by pulp" [95] and praised Scheider's and Cremer's performances, which he thought were "extremely good"; [96] Scheider brought "the dominant note of reckless desperation".

The film today is more positively received by professional film critics. The website's critical consensus reads, " Sorcerer , which obstinately motors along on its unpredictable speed, features ambitious sequences of insane white-knuckle tension.

Heidelberg, Winter, Heidelberger rechtswiss. That will be the task of this new Commission. Blieben sie Netent Casino No Deposit Bonus 2021, wäre dies ein Xtip Freebet akzeptabler Rückschritt europäischen Seins und Werdens. In the Danske Bank case alone, transactions worth more than the entire state budget of Denmark are now under suspicion of money laundering. Ledgerwood J. All students will learn from each other, and receive invaluable help. Ordinances Bovada Poker Payout Leo VI c. Millet et Spyridon de Lavra. Kovalevsky D.

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I will explore, together with my colleagues responsible for trade and agriculture, how the potential market of animal welfare could be better valorised at global level.


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